Dublin/ Galway, Ireland

London from the sky Train to Galway Live band at the pub (they were awesome) Fire Market in Galway Backpackers (took this from the bus– thought it was a cool shot since they were decked out in hiking gear and standing in front of both the Info and “Athlone Bus Station” signs) Ireland was really […]

underground hair salon

Content with his haircut. Getting his hair all chopped off. I finally made it to Primark today to buy some slippers and a throw blanket. Our neighbors below us complained that there was too much walking and shoe-dropping in the corridors and that we should buy “soft shoes.” Being the nice and slightly paranoid person […]

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a great place on the outskirts of London. The pictures I took don’t do it justice, but it’s green, peaceful, and pond-filled. The trails there are really nice, and it makes me miss camping. Two filming locations in two days! This is the building from the end of Notting Hill. It’s actually […]