Rome (Fall Break, Part II)

Rome was definitely my favorite part of break. I stayed with cousins who I have not seen since I was eleven, and I also spent some time with a relative whom I had never met before. She speaks only Italian, so it was pretty interesting to try and communicate with her. I could follow almost […]

Girona/Figueres–> Barcelona –> Madrid (Fall break, part I)

Girona/Figueres: Some of the architecture near the ancient wall and university These spheres are really popular along sidewalks in Spain… I’m not quite sure why. A Dali creation Inside of the Dali Museum Barcelona: Barcelona’s Arc de Triumf Awesome instrumental band near the Barcelona Cathedral Desde Chile Official Sardana dancers (who knew they had those?)… […]

One by one, one by one

According to Weston Dupree of Eisley, the band that makes me sing (terribly) and dance in my car, “We’ve been keeping lots of candy around . It keeps the morale high.” True that. Midterms are this week, so my photo of the day is candy. Yes, candy is apparently called a “pastille” in all of […]


was Mr. Z’s way of saying Thursday (that’s also who I got “bat trees” (batteries) from). ¬† Took pictures at a panel today for a sex and gender course at Huron University near Russell Square because the woman I’m doing my photo story on was a guest speaker. A student listens attentively as one of […]