South Bank

Benji Free Runners Sorry for the lack of updates these days… it takes a half hour just to convert three images from .NEF to .JPEG, resize them, and then upload them on here. Not cool. Today, I will be writing papers. :[

All it needs is a duck

You got it. Although I don’t think the ducks saved this one. I’d include more, but it takes entirely too long to post photos in here. Using my computer to edit and upload photos is the equivalent to making an elderly woman with heart disease climb Il Duomo.

In the past hour,

I saw my laptop’s life flash before my eyes. I need to get a new one. Using Lightroom, playing a song from itunes, and checking my e-mail result in a computer meltdown. I bought the CS3 software for windows last semester, so I have a question for my fellow photogs and readers. Should I get […]

Isle of Lewis, Scotland

This past weekend was my homestay in the Isle of Lewis, a gorgeous island off the northwestern coast of Scotland. My trek began at 11:45 p.m. on Thursday, where I took a 12-hour bus ride to Inverness, followed by a 1.5-hour bus ride to Ullapool, and ending with a 3-hour ferry ride to the island, […]