Bhutanese refugees from Nepal hold a meeting in a Syracuse park to discuss goals they would like to achieve while living in Syracuse, one being the creation of a Bhutanese community center. Advertisements


These are some images from one of the multimedia pieces I’ve been working on this semester. A 25-year-old woman and her fianc√©, who is the same age, have custody and take care of their seven nieces and nephews, while simultaneously taking care of her mother, who has dementia and chronic obstruction pulmonary disease. Together, the […]

People-first language, por favor

[Photo by Suzanne DeChillo] Image 2 of 13 “Wesley Bryce hugged his wife, Linda, who is disabled, in their Staten Island condo this week. The Bryces lost the title to their home, and now face eviction.” On the New York Times? Come ON. You don’t call a person disabled. You say he/she has a disability. […]