Annie Leibovitz Speaks at SU

One of the rare moments when I could actually see Leibovitz’s face. Note: podium at the bottom-right of the frame, where she stood most of the time.

Hendricks was packed. Apparently, so much so that 100 people could not get admitted into the lecture.

It was amazing to hear her speak! These photographs obviously do no justice, but I felt like posting them anyway. She was really inspiring and pretty down to earth! She thinks that current photography students will reinvent the future of photography and that our subjects are right in front of us much of the time (friends and family). It was refreshing to hear this from someone so accomplished.


2 thoughts on “Annie Leibovitz Speaks at SU

  1. Dude, you were totally sitting in my section for the speach…crazy…i was in the middle section on the left side…crazy shit yo

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