also known as the Adirondacks. Everything about it is pretty much peace.

The campsite at Lake Eaton

Hittin’ the road

Ms. Lucille played fetch in the Lake for two hours, after having hiked a mountain for four hours. Crazy? Yes.

Lucy’s webbed feet


Owls Head Mountain from the fire tower.

The view from Owls Head Mountain. Long Lake is to the left. I love hiking so much…


Sparkly Lake Eaton

Atop Mt. Jo, Lake Placid

Andie & me :]

Path to the parking lot from the Adirondack LoJ, home of the Adirondack Mountain Club and where the trails to various ADK mountains begin.

Just a side-note… WordPress is finicky. After photos get uploaded to the blog, some appear desaturated and blurry when they really aren’t, so you have to click on each photo to view them in their true state (they’ll open in a new tab).

Anyway, I love mountains.

The end.


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