Romeo and Juliet rehearsal

At Fernwood Avenue Middle School in Egg Harbor Township on Tuesday evening, Nov. 30, the Egg Harbor Township High School Drama Club held a rehearsal for their upcoming play, “Romeo and Juliet,” which will premiere on Thursday, Dec. 9, with three more shows through Dec. 12. Half of the proceeds for the Dec. 12 show will go towards the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Southern Branch.

Sarah Higbee, a senior at the high school, plays the role of the Princess and breaks up the street brawl taking place between the Capulets and the Montagues.

The townspeople converse with one another at the start of the play.

Playing the role of Gregory, a Capulet servant, Robin Christmas, a senior, draws her sword before the start of the street brawl against servants and family members of the Montague family.

Shortly after the street brawl that took place between the Capulet and Montague families, Benvolio, right, played by Alex Roff, a junior, discusses the upcoming Capulet party and how he would like to crash it with his cousin, Romeo, center, played by Chad Seamon, a senior.

Lady Capulet, played by Lea Ruwaldt, left, a junior, and the nurse, right, played by senior Jocelyn Moore, tell Juliet, center, played by sophomore Lindsey Burton, that she is of age for marrying and that Paris would be an ideal husband.

Mercutio, left, played by Dustin Regan, a senior, mocks his friend Romeo and his ideas of love before they head to the Capulets' party.


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