Pleasantville Fire Dept. gives home safety seminar

A home safety seminar was presented by the Pleasantville Fire Department on Tuesday evening, Dec. 7, at the New Hope Community Office in Pleasantville, where they taught children and families what to do in case of a house fire. You can read the article here.

Parents and children cover their eyes with their hands after Pleasantville Firefighter Adrian Mobley instructed them to do so, in order to understand what firefighters see when they enter a burning building and try to find a person in distress. In the foreground from left are Javier Rivas, 10, Tajamirah Russell, 7, Naya Smith, 6, Steven Yarleque, 7, and Jah-mir Smith, 8, all of Pleasantville. Also in attendance on the Pleasantville Fire Department were Captain Pete Elias and firefighters Pete Bowker, Eric Moran, and Tom Wittland.

Pleasantville Firefighter Adrian Mobley lets Steven Yarleque, 7, of Pleasantville, try on a self-contained breathing apparatus worn by firefighters, to get a feel for how heavy it is. In the background is Firefighter Pete Bowker.

Pleasantville Firefighter Adrian Mobley explains the importance of having an outdoor meeting place in case of a fire, suggesting stationary location markers.

Pleasantville Firefighters Adrian Mobley, right, and Pete Bowker, left, explain and demonstrate what a firefighter sounds like through their mask when they enter a house during a fire, while also instructing children to stay low to the ground to receive the most oxygen.

Pleasantville Firefighter Pete Bowker puts on his turnout gear to show children what firefighters will look like at the scene of a fire.

Iesha Goldsberg, 38, of Pleasantville, places her hands over the ears of her son, Joshua, 10, as the alarm on the personal alert safety system device goes off, which is attached to the self-contained breathing apparatus and lets other firefighters know when another firefighter is in distress.


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