Pleasantville honors firefighter

An off-duty firefighter was given an award of commendation for recently saving a young woman’s life after she was hit by a car two months ago.

In the Pleasantville Municipal Court Room, Mayor Jesse Tweedle presents Pleasantville firefighter Jimmy Nunan, 25, of Northfield, with an Award of Commendation on Wednesday evening, Jan. 19, for saving the life of Devon Parrotto, 18, of Ocean City, while he was off duty, by clearing her airway after she was hit by a car in Northfield two months ago.

Parrotto, center, and her parents, Paula Angelo, of Ocean City, and Marco Parrotto, of Las Vegas, clap as Nunan receives his award.

Mayor Tweedle introduces Parrotto to the audience.

Nunan speaks to Parrotto and her mother.

1st- I’m very happy that Devon is doing so well!
2nd- I’m very proud of Jimmy :)
That’s all, folks.
[You can read the article here]


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