Forum on Underage Drinking

Amanda Erskine, 17, who goes to Buena Regional High School and lives in Buena, tests out the drunk driving simulator provided by the Save a Life Tour, as tour crew member Devin Rich, 26, of Grand Rapids, Mich., looks on. Responsible Safe Choices: A Forum on Drinking and Driving took place at Richard Stockton College on Tuesday morning, April 19, which consisted of a motivational video and workshops. Photo by Stefanie Campolo

Holy Spirit High School student Valerie Garofalo, 16, of Ventnor, wears Fatal Vision Beer Goggles during a driving test where the goal is not to hit any cones.

During a game where students throw a ball into a target area, Christina McCormack, 27, of Toms River, who is a social work student at Richard Stockton College, helps Jake Fabel, 14, of Brigantine, adjust his aim while wearing a pair of Fatal Vision Beer Goggles.

While wearing Fatal Vision Beer Goggles, Gary Stinson, 17, of Egg Harbor Township, tosses a bowling ball and misses the pins, which was common of the majority of students who participated in the activity.



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