Sucré concert, feat. Merriment & The Honey Trees

What an amazing show. I am a big fan of Eisley, and one of their singers, Stacy, is also the lead singer in her own solo project, Sucré. Eisley’s two younger siblings are in Merriment, who opened the show along with The Honey Trees. All three bands were excellent! For the encore, Stacy covered Stevie Nicks’ “Silver Springs,” which was phenomenal (also a huge Stevie/Fleetwood Mac fan). You can watch Stacy performing the song here.

Sucre concert
Sibling duo Christie and Collin DuPree, of Merriment

Sucre concert
Karsyn DuPree and Remi DuPree, Merriment

Sucre concert

Becky Filip, The Honey Trees

Sucre concert

Jacob Wick, The Honey Trees

Sucre concert

Stacy King, Sucré

Sucre concert

Stacy with violinist David Gerald Sutton

Sucre concert

With drummer Aaron Gilligan

Sucre concert

Performing “Silver Springs.”


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