Catskills Trip, Part III: Hunter Mountain

No one we spoke with at North-South Lake had ever heard of Huckleberry Point or Poet’s Ledge (two mountains that my friend and I had looked up before our trip), so we hiked another mountain that they recommended: Hunter. It was awesome. Once we got back home and had internet access, we learned that it […]

Catskills Trip! Part I: Upper Platte Clove & North Point

Mountains on the way back from Upper Platte Clove (above) Hiking Upper Platte Clove: Hiking to North Point, from the North South Lake campground (I used my friend’s point & shoot because it was raining when we started the hike :( Then, of course, the weather turned beautiful once we started): Badman’s Cave (on the […]


also known as the Adirondacks. Everything about it is pretty much peace. The campsite at Lake Eaton Hittin’ the road Ms. Lucille played fetch in the Lake for two hours, after having hiked a mountain for four hours. Crazy? Yes. Lucy’s webbed feet Sailboat Owls Head Mountain from the fire tower. The view from Owls […]