Colorado, Part I: South Table Mountain & Boulder

South Table Mountain is my cousin’s backyard in Golden. Yeah, I’m a tad jealous, too! ;) Denver skyline   Boulder: There are mountains visible no matter where you drive. I love it. Coffee! Pearl Street I spy… More can be seen on Flickr. Advertisements

Catskills Trip, Part III: Hunter Mountain

No one we spoke with at North-South Lake had ever heard of Huckleberry Point or Poet’s Ledge (two mountains that my friend and I had looked up before our trip), so we hiked another mountain that they recommended: Hunter. It was awesome. Once we got back home and had internet access, we learned that it […]

Catskills Trip! Part I: Upper Platte Clove & North Point

Mountains on the way back from Upper Platte Clove (above) Hiking Upper Platte Clove: Hiking to North Point, from the North South Lake campground (I used my friend’s point & shoot because it was raining when we started the hike :( Then, of course, the weather turned beautiful once we started): Badman’s Cave (on the […]