Annie Leibovitz Speaks at SU

One of the rare moments when I could actually see Leibovitz’s face. Note: podium at the bottom-right of the frame, where she stood most of the time. Hendricks was packed. Apparently, so much so that 100 people could not get admitted into the lecture. It was amazing to hear her speak! These photographs obviously do […]

Fashion trip to New York City

Last Saturday, several students in my fashion photography class had the opportunity to go to Jeff Licata‘s studio in New York to watch how a professional fashion shoot was done. It was a fun time and a great experience, and Jeff was so welcoming and helpful to all of us. The model he worked with […]

Vivienne Westwood fashion emulation

The students in my fashion photography class got paired up with a fashion/advertising student, and we had to emulate a specific brand or fashion designer selected by that student. My shoot emulates Vivienne Westwood’s fashion line, which is super funky and fun. All of the clothes, make-up, and models were selected by the fashion/advertising student.