Sucré concert, feat. Merriment & The Honey Trees

What an amazing show. I am a big fan of Eisley, and one of their singers, Stacy, is also the lead singer in her own solo project, Sucré. Eisley’s two younger siblings are in Merriment, who opened the show along with The Honey Trees. All three bands were excellent! For the encore, Stacy covered Stevie […]

Downbeach & Mainland after Sandy

Northfield: Linwood gas station: Ventnor Beach: Margate: Longport: The beach block is covered in sand after Hurricane Sandy Atlantic City (non-boardwalk):   I shot a lot of these for The Current Newspapers.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath in Ventnor & at the AC Inlet

While the boardwalk at the Atlantic City inlet was damaged, the majority of the boardwalk in AC and Ventnor remain intact. The first two shots are from Ventnor, and the rest are from the inlet, where many people gathered Wednesday afternoon in hopes of getting to see President Obama (he stopped in Brigantine instead). I […]